The Miracle childrens -Fantasie-sci-fi-novel-movie war story part K – fine

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Part K:
Miracle children perform at the big UN celebration ceremony at Carnegi Hall – and play their own songs.
“These children have all been through the horrors of war, and now they have come together to recite their own compositions – which they have dedicated to improving the world.”
It is also broadcast on American radio. At the Plaza Hotel the three receptionists do not want to believe their ears:? “… that they would be miracle children and perform at a world celebration right now? That’s not possible – were they, like savages from the jungle, little gangsters? ”
The children will finish the concert, and at the end will present, together their own newly composed worldwide children’s anthem based on the anthemic and prophetic words of Eva Pick, who perished in Auscwittz at the age of 10.
During it, children’s drawings by children from the Terezín camp are projected on the screen.
Huge applause and enthusiasm.
Little Hannibal talks about the terrible loss of his most beloved sister.
“When I grow up, I’ll avenge all terrible crimes – I’ll fight bad people all my life”
All other children:
“We will all fight me against the evil Nazis”
Huge applause – and from above to see the doctor who happily kiva the children.
2015 – Odessa – famous big stairs.
80-year-old Larissa 80-year-old Hannibal meets by chance.
They remember the old days nostalgically. Hannibal lacks one hand.
“… it’s nothing, I had a minor accident some time ago …”
“… everything we survived in times of war …
H …. the Schwartov monster probably died a long time ago …
L: … but where … he is over 90, but he is still in shape, and he is elusive, the whole world police have been looking for him in vain for 70 years … he is said to have been a Nazi war criminal for 70 years …
H: … I have to leave now …
L: … Try not to find him … he’s elusive …
In half a year: Larissa runs home and shows her husband’s newspaper:
“Look at Abrassa!”
The newspaper is:

Hannibal’s most heinous crime:
The smoothest killer in human history, Hannibal, who hadn’t made himself known for many decades, spoke again. A secret report appeared in some newspapers: “Behold, this is how the Nazi war criminals, who have been fleeing justice for many, many decades, will end up.”
And there were instructions for an underground warehouse in Kuala Lumpur.
When the police arrived, they saw the sign up above the door again:
: “This is how the Nazi war criminals, who have been fleeing for justice for many, many decades, will end up like this”
And the horror they saw inside took the breath of even the most experienced policeman.
Schwartov – the most hungry Nazi war criminal known as the killer of 600 Jewish and Gypsy children -was apparently tied to the table for a month and artificially kept conscious. Gradually, individual parts of the body – in recent days also internal organs – were cut from it, together with more than 600 parts of the body. He was the last to cut out his heart.
And he made all the pieces ready to eat, and he did eat them.
He left an inscription on each part of his body – probably the names of children and two adults – whom Schwart had murdered. For example: It’s for an innocent little girl Sarah Schwarcova, it’s for an innocent little girl Irenka Lakatosova, It’s for Natalka Berki, etc., etc.
And there was a whole list, which he probably wrote as a 10-year-old boy when he witnessed through the binoculars of the terrifying actions of the war criminal SS Schwartov.