The Miracle childrens -Fantasie-sci-fi-novel-movie war story part J

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Part j:
1945 after the war.
All 15 miracle children are already together and will meet the producer:
They are to perform together to celebrate the end of the war – and then travel to New York to perform at Carnegi Hall for the UN inauguration.
Little Evička is already mortally infected, she is secretly helped by her father – Ritter Wulf.
A cruel but at the same time ingenious scientist immediately takes her to Spain to a secret place in the middle of the forest, to the underground, where she puts her into cryonic sleep and later tries to clone her.
Dakde is hidden in a deep swamp by a terrifying German tank, waiting for a new arrival of the Nazis. The spirit of Hitler explains that the whole of Western Europe is afraid of Jews, Muslims, Slavs, yellows – he only publicly expressed this fear.
The children will travel to New York, where the impressive producer-educator will give them credit cards in advance, which America has first printed out in the world, but which will take effect in 3 days.
The children are accommodated in the Plaza hotels, where they are greeted by a sly, sly, mischievous receptionist, a strictly bureaucratic woman, as well as a butler’s greedy man (characters from “Home Alone 2).
The children behave like wild animals torn from the chains: they jump on tables, slide on all the stairs, and so on – the whole staff and classy guests are outraged (one particularly horrified lady asks Jozef – who behaves like a savage – “what about will you, gangster, murderer? – No, pastor: “)
Then they order limousines and drive all over New York:
First they go to the biggest toy store, where they perform extremely, then to the newly opened aquapark, the first in the world.
There they behave like wild horses torn from their chains. Only little Hannibal is desperate for the loss of his beloved Mouse.
In the evening, however, the sly hotelier finds out that the cards are still invalid and expels the children from the hotel.
The children settle in the open air in Central Park, where they are very scared – but they make very cruel jokes for hoteliers – they scare them.
The next day, the producer arrives: “How could you drive those kids to New York Night? ”
“Ma’am – they acted like they came from a madhouse”
The children are happy to welcome the producer as their own mother – and everyone will leave. Only a greedy hotelier expects tringelt-gratuity.