The Miracle childrens -Fantasie-sci-fi-novel-movie war story part I

Publikované 28. septembra 2019 od


Part I:
Doctor who explains to the children that he is also an alien and helps people on the planet EARTH.
Azazel is also an alien, but he has fallen out of a community of even more advanced, “angelic” entities, and he does evil, draws energy from human suffering.
The children run across the bridge, but there is a huge monster under the bridge that wants to devour them.
And gigantic monsters climb from underground.
The doctor stops them with a “sonic screwdriver”.
The so-called “Kozireva’s curled mirrors” will appear, from which a huge, demonic monster will emerge, and he will tell Joseph: “You will never be a pastor, I will curse you, your soul will belong to me.”
But the doctor – using a “sonic screwdriver” will stop him.