The Miracle childrens -Fantasie-sci-fi-novel-movie war story part H

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Part H:
Already a group of children, they will find a small dormitory, near the Black Forest, where they will get food.
One strange uncle – it’s Azazel in human form – invites them to the forest for a trip.
They go swimming in a cave swimming pool and then on a trip.
The forest is becoming more mysterious and scary. They will see a mysterious stone circle where spiritual beings dance.
Then they find a magical path, through a magical forest, and a mysterious goat leads them.
I walk to the gingerbread house, where I find food and lodging.
But a group of seven dwarves arrives, who want to cut the children and eat them.
They run away and are chased by a werewolf.
Suddenly, they meet a group of children from a Bavarian family, as well as Karlheinz, and also Hana.
There are already 15 children. They are happy to start playing music.
The scientifically based Karlheinz explains that they got into a space-time loop, through a “wormhole” – “wormhole” to the Middle Ages and the world of grimm tales.
I meet a pretty woman-witch who attracts them to a baby. Then they are chased by a werewolf.
All this is controlled by a fallen alien demon, Azazel.
At the last minute, they meet a doctor wh