The Miracle childrens -Fantasie-sci-fi-novel-movie war story part F

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Schwartov will allow Abrassa and Larissa to appear before the Nazi leadership. Schwartov calls them “miracle rats.” But he will not grant them mercy and attach them to the children on whom he will organize the hunt.
Larissa and Abrasa miraculously escape a certain death.
Lecter’s mansion was set on fire by the SS commando, the whole family was murdered along with the servants, and Hannibal and Míša fought. The local Nazis find them, kill little Misha, cook them and force Hanibal to eat her meat.
Little Larisa wanders hopelessly through the winter landscape, almost freezes, has nothing to eat.
She meets a wolf, a wolf family that will save her – they give Larise raw meat and heat her up.