The Miracle childrens -Fantasie-sci-fi-novel-movie war story part E

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2014=text,2015=music,pl.  With Martin Stock pharapfrase.

Berlin – gala concert.
The miraculous children of the directors of the Auscwitz camp, together with little Evička, play their own work in front of the entire Nazi leadership of the Third Reich. A huge applause, the leader himself personally praises them, as an example of Aryan children.

Soviet Union:
Larissa and Abraša play their own song.
June 1941
The Germans occupy the Soviet Union, while the NKDV liquidates the Germans and Poles.
NKDV is persecuting the German family of brewery owners. Not only will they be saved, but they will encounter the Schhwart monster, an SS officer who comes to the occupied city to do ethnic cleansing.
Along the way, stupid explains through logic that the Jews control everything – and the fact that we do not see it proves that they control everything, because they are invisibly hidden in the background.
In the main square of the city, the SS monster Schwartov, he performs ethnic cleansing in front of the entire population of the city: first he tortures one Jewish barber to death, and then a gypsy musician. He then arranges a hunt for living Jewish and Gypsy children in the meadow, whom he shoots himself, smiling idiotically. Abrash and Larissa seemed to miraculously hide and save themselves from certain death.
From the roof of the nearby Lecter mansion, little Hanibal sees everything through binoculars, desperate, and clenched our teeth in detail writes everything, and writes, writes – each name of each victim