The Miracle childrens -Fantasie-sci-fi-novel-movie war story part D

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text=2014,music=2015,pl.   With pharapfrase Carl Mária von Weber.

part D:

Children from a Bavarian family go on a trip – together with a Jewish child hiding with them – to the Black Forest.
The nature is beautiful, but the forest is getting darker and scarier.
I go to a cottage where the TV is broken, probably one of the first to be produced in Nazi Germany at the time.
Technically proficient Karlhheinz repairs TVs, which he will start broadcasting, even though there was probably not a signal – but annoying speeches by Nazi leaders who start talking directly to them and urging them to murder a Jewish child and to kill each other.
At the last moment, a doctor who (they don’t know who he is) appears, explaining that in fact, in the Black Forest, there is an evil alien who has fallen out of a community of energetic beings (“angels”) and is now wandering on earth (like a quasi ” demon Azael “)
The group escapes from the cottage, but through a space-time hole they get into the world from about the 12th century, to the town of Grim’s fairy tales.
Young, drunk SS officers return to the forest, but the ghost of a murdered Jewish girl transforms into a terrifying demon, pursues SS young men, and sends a flame at them