Tesla – the modern Prometheus–Opera Act 1

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Theshort content of the 10thopera: “Nicola Tesla – the lost new age “Prometheus” ofthehumanity.”Thehighly evolved alien entities visited our protagonists Peter and Eveagain. They explain to them that something mysterious and scaryspreads across the whole universe. For the first, there is a secretmessage “5-6-7” appearing, which also includes a plan of aspecial cage with a highly poisonous content that they suppose toconstruct. Soon afterwards the children announce the arrival of the”5-6-7” and a weird monster appears in the cage at the same time.During that time the voice announces that the “5-6-7” requests alot of the children from the planet, for the purpose of getting thepower out of them. Itis something like drugs for him. As a second,some planets started to disappear without a reason at the moment,they annihilate themselves, but that contradicts all of the physicallaws known. On several planets as a consequence of the unknowninfluence many “artificial zombies” appeared, who enter the wholeplanet ́s computer network and try to take over everything. For thepurpose of protecting the planet Earth there is an idea of contactinga mysterious person called “Doctor Who”. He travels across thewhole universe in a special time and space machine and protects lotsof entities around the space. He is so eager to do that that in thecritical moments he is even able to sacrifice himself. He is kindlike a multi-universal “humanist”, ”civil” and “moralist”at the same time, but it is very difficult to get in touch with him.There is also another option, and that is that the inhabitants of theplanet Earth will protect themselves, however the present technologyis very undeveloped for that. There is also another story linkedwith that:Therewas a man who was a scientific-technical genius living on the planetEarth not long ago, perhaps the greatest (besides Isaac Newton) inthe history of the mankind – Nicola Tesla. Unfortunately hismessage and work was buried deep underground inside the secretlaboratories. We don ́t know about everything he worked on, but it isvery likely that he extraordinarily outrun his age. He also worked onmany projects which were externalized but much later and often undera different name. Those are the sketches and plans of the completetechnical documentation of the whole nowadays used electronictechnology (television, hologram, laser, scanner, mobile phone with acamera, microwave, electro magnetic resonance, sketch of atomicaccelerator, sketch of microchip, experiments with robots,nanotechnology etc.). What is important for us is, that he worked ona theory of a quantum gravitation, the theory of gravitons, tachyons,the Hyggs – bosson, the Hyggs field, the scalar field, the use ofthe second law of thermodynamics, the theory of the negative energy,the use of the G power, the theory of the magnetic monopoly, thesketches of the interplanetary and interstellar travelling etc.Supposedly he sketched the string theory, the plank particles, thetheory of the teleportation, the theory of the retying of the plankparticles outside the time and space, the theoretical time and spacebending, the theory of the cold fusion, the sketch of the fusereactor etc. He also worked on the ELF radiation theory (extremelong frequency) with the help of which we would be able to controlweather, fertilize deserts, but also use it as a super weapon (fromthe distance controlled annihilation, demolition, earthquakes,tsunami etc.), from the distance controlled people ́s mind by theelectromagnetic resonance etc. Apart of that he probably found in anold orthodox monastery the sketches of the lost parts of the bible,where is supposedly described the technology which King David used,and which he got from the highly evolved “heavenly”civilizations. Our young scientist should

return to the times whenNicola Tesla lived.Wesee a little Nicola in a village high above the sea level in front ofthe church. He sees a horrible poverty around. He is outraged andswears, that when he will become an adult he will create the morerighteous world, as it is written in the Bible – the God ́s kingdomon Earth. People are astonished by the wisdom of the little Nicola.They say that Nicola is like a small Jesus. Another scenes show youngTesla, his first great inventions, friendships. He becomes an atheistfor a while but once he sees a beautiful woman in a dream, maybe hisdead mother, or the virgin Marry, or the extraterrestrial being, andit brings him back to faith. This being tells him to become a“Prometheus” of the nowadays mankind, and to donate the mankindwith the free energy available for all the people around the world.He starts to work on the principles of the free energy in manydifferent laboratories, mostly in Colorado Springs and Walderclyfe.He progressively invents the newer and newer inventions and thetheories and sketches which outrun his age of about fifty to twohundred years. Einstein called him: “The Great Lord of Science”. He also realizes that the mankind is not morally ready for such agreat inventions, so he rather does not publish anything in thescientific magazines. Later he stops publishing completely and herefuges to solitude. Tesla keeps his experiments very privately, justfrom time to time something goes to public. Sometimes he demonstratesseveral results of his experiments, for instance the electricautomobiles which extract the energy from the space around (perhapsfrom the negative energy?), the solid light without a source, or socalled Tunguzian event. Gradually the rich patrons turn their backson him when they found out that he doesn ́t care about the profit,but the other way round, hewants to make it all for free. Sadly alsothe enemies and intriguers add up, mainly from the corporationsofthe fossil fuels. He is getting into the stronger and strongerconflict with those powers. He is also considered as a solitaire madman and he gets to the still growing isolation. Einstein is the onlyone who talks about him in superlatives.Meanwhile(perhaps on the principles of the secret parts of the bible, ortechnologies gained from the future with the help of the antigravitymachine, no one knows) he creates an ideal woman partner for himselfthrough nanotechnology. First in the test tube, a little girl, andshe grows up and turns into a young and a beautiful girl. He callsher Anaira and he marries her. In this part an unpredictable timelapses start, as a lateral result of the not totally controlled timemachine. First he meets a little girl about who he doesn ́t knowanything because now he lives in the age before he creatednanotechnology, but the girl has met him several times in thedifferent time dimensions like uncle Nicola and she likes him a lot.Later when he marries Anaira he is kissing her as an eighteen yearsold wife, but it switches into a different time line and his wife issuddenly a six years old girl who kisses uncle Nicola, and then againhe is in the original time dimension when Anaira is his adult wife.Meanwhilewith the help of the time travel technology they both travel back tothe 1908 where he wants to test the ELF technology above the NorthPole from the secret tower hidden in the Californian mountains. Hiswife is against this idea because she considers it as a verydangerous technology which could be also used as a weapon of massdestruction. She points out to him that he shouldn ́t act like a God,but Tesla wants to use it as a deterrent weapon to prevent warsforever. It comes to a dramatic clash, but finally the ELF technologymisses the target and demonstrates itself above the Tunguzian taiga.Tesla deeply regrets it and doesn ́t want to use it anymore. Herather works on a technology of controlling human ́s mind from thedistance with a special electric resonance rays. He wants to

removeevil, enviousness and hatred from the human ́s minds. Meanwhile someof his sketches ended upin the hands of the Nazis who are extremelysecretly working on them (project Bell, the foo-fighter, the Sroder –Sranc, Diebner – that ́s the nuclear bomb made in a little house,)but unfortunately for the evil purposes.Eventually,like an eighty-seven years old but still very vital he is murdered byan ancestor of the CIA in an apartment in the hotel Walsdorf-Astoriain New York. His lifework, lots of sketches, the equations andcalculations in many fascicles were also taken. They hide them in thesecret underground laboratories. They are afraid that finally thefreely available technology would be offered, but worse, in the ageof the World War the second several projects could be misused (likethe invisibility, the teleportation of the battleships, theantigravity flying objects etc.). Before his death (the artificiallyinvoked heart attack) he is cynically told that his technology willnot be used for a purpose of the well-being and the progress of themankind, but the other way round, it will be kept top secret and evenif it will be used it will be for the evil and destructive purposes.Bothof the protagonists return to the present and the extraterrestrialsstate them that they did not find enough so they will have to searchfor more. In the epilogue we see the office of the KSSZ where theyproject a movie to Chruščov about how they defeated a big army ofthe Chinese with a use of the ELF weapon. Chruščov is terrified andforbids the use of this evil technology.