Madách – Human Tragedy opern cycle Part 3

Publikované 24. októbra 2019 od


Very shortened elevator with contents.
Full text = see Imre Madách: The human tragedy – 15 egyfelvonásos.

The first 3 colors – act:
Creation is complete – everyone is happy. Only Lucifer, the eternally critical, dissatisfied, and vice versa, objects:
“The whole thing is nothing more than an intricate clockwork, and living beings like puppet figures dragged on a wire.”
Lucifer: “You want to be much more powerful, take the knowledge.”
Adam and Eve are cast out.
Adam does not dare to conceive Eve until he sees the future of mankind.
Lucifer rocks Adam into a deep psychedelic state to travel the future as a “traveler” of time and scheming, as an Egyptian pharaoh, Athenian aristocrat, all the way to the negative utopian world of science and robot-controlled distant future, followed by “nuclear winter”. until his apocalyptic era — and all the while mocking the creator — you “created a very bad and meaningless world”.
.Eva is always different and you can never know if the Eve is the same or not.

Lucifer is also featured in all colors – as a hlyi official – but as an eternally skeptical commentator and guide.

Eve sometimes appears as a partner, sometimes as a pedagogue from the opposite side, as a beloved woman.

For Adam is always aware that he is Adam, while Eve does not remember herself.
(Note: in this respect, Imre Madách was incredibly ahead of his time in terms of the journey of eyebrow-time, he was an incredible genius Because the literary work was made in 1857 in the noble mansion of a small village in south-central Slovakia.
On the other hand, the computer, virtual reality, very realistic “personality” journey will probably only take place sometime around 2050-2080.