Madách – Human Tragedy opern cycle Part 12.-13

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Part 12 and 13:
The distant future. Everything is managed by a council of sages. The whole world is a mechanized machine.

Adam is excited at first – but gradually he begins to realize that people are no longer human, they have no feelings, – they are like soulless zombies.

Scientists are working on artificial life – and they want to control and drain the energy of the sun.
Adam is completely disappointed. Lucifer takes him on a journey with space (Atacca part 13).
First they fly through the solar system, then they fly on, and on and on –
– until finally they reach the edge of the universe, the horizon of everything – the edge beyond which everything collapses and absolute chaos occurs. The spirit of the universe and the spirit of absolute evil warn them.
They must return – but all ages have passed during a journey through space on earth.