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Supplement to Quantum connection through time – the latest field of quantum physics.

Why my whole life – and I have only begun to realize this in the last 2-3 years – is a complete mystery, as if it were influenced by higher forces, the so-called “fatal fate”.

To begin with, at least a few words about the issue:

(more on the internet:

The author is the congenial quantum physicist Al-Khalili (of Arab origin) leading at the University of London.

The quantum connection – originally it was only through space (although we know very well that space and time form one inseparable whole) – has a history of almost 100 years, although until recently (even today) a large community of theoretical physicists did not want to accept it , since (like all quantum physics) it is a hypothesis-fact that goes beyond the so-called. “Common sense”.

As Al-Khalili said – he who doesn’t get from quantum physics to the brink of madness doesn’t really understand quantum physics.

What is it about:

To put it very simply – 2 subtomar parts are connected through space, immediately, that is, independently of each other’s distance (even across the universe, over billions of light years), regardless of the speed of propagation of electromagnetic “wave-particles”. That is, independently of Einstein’s equations – which he completely negates.

This has long been an unprovable, hypothetical phenomenon – and only in recent decades has it been being worked on to prove it in top, extremely expensive research institutes.

That’s why Einstein “fought” all his life against quantum physics – he considered it a temporary mistake. Al-Khalili writes that quantum physics is the Einstein nightmare.

The quantum interconnection of subatomic particles – since subatomic particles (so-called hypothetical super strings) are interconnected throughout the universe (as Susskind proved in the dispute with Havking) – is followed by the theory of the holographic universe, where – again very simply put – the limit of propagation applies electromagnetic “wave-particles”, i.e. the Einstein equations apply only in a limited sense (they are essentially negated).

And – as the principle of time-space applies – this is followed (necessarily, it must legally follow!) By the theoretical hypothesis of quantum interconnection of subatomic particles over time. And, of course, bidirectionally – as subatomic particles – hypothetical super strings (probably probably) are boundless energy connections, creating space-time (the dispute between Einstein and Nikola Tesla over the curvature of space-time in the early 1920s) – and this (see Susskind) across the universe.

Two directions – as some recent quantum experiments prove that – a non-existent future – has a retroactive effect on the past, that is, the current present (so far, the experiments are only planar time units).

If this is true – and probably so – then it must also apply to vast periods of time and space, up to millions of years.

And this probably applies to the whole multiverse, to the origin and “creation” of everything.

And it can probably be influenced by intelligent entities in the multiverse (for example on the planet ZEM homo-sapiens-sapiens), as well as individual beings, groups of people.

Entity, entities are working on something, they are working, and they want, they want to achieve something, so their quantum particles inadvertently – inadvertently connect to their – yet non-existent future, to future subatomic particles, which then in turn affect the present particles.

As examples, a few examples.

But to start with one note:

When it comes to an unproven hypothesis, skeptics enthusiastically seek evidence, and conversely, “believers” point to the opposite evidence.

As an example: Today it is great fashion to prove that no exodus took place, Moses, King David

King Solomon, still, Jesus of Nazareth, the Prophet Muhammad never existed, still …

The author of this video believes that the events described in the Bible actually happened – of course with a plus-minus with a certain percentage.

Note completed.

We continue.

Today, practically all the “miracles” – including the crossing of the Red Sea – are almost 100% physically explained. Note from the author of this video: Years ago, the prevailing hypothesis was that after a strong wind lasting several days, the sea was almost completely blown away.

I am inclined to the hypothesis that – since during the hypothetical transition (on the seabed at that place a large amount of remains of wheels from Egyptian chariots were found, overgrown with corals elsewhere) there are deep cannons on both sides of the shore between the mountains where they can form strong wind chimneys, and as the bottom is very shallow at this very place, after several days of strong winds, the sea was blown away, so that on both with the sea formed some kind of water hills.

The Bible also writes about this – plus or minus.

Even the “miraculous” survival of Jewish newborns has recently been explained by the fact that extremely dangerous bacteria, which act on infants, but which are extremely repelled by the material contained in the blood of young lambs, spread through the air.

I take the view of the Intellectual Jesuits, who try to explain all the so-called “Miracles” by natural laws. Paradoxically, the intellectual-scientific Jesuits are, in a sense, perhaps the greatest “atheists.” They stubbornly explain all “miracles scientifically.


Everything can be explained, the whole exodus, but the question is, how come there were absolutely exceptional events (one in a million, a billion) in almost a few days?

Does it look like a miracle of God?

Jesuit, the intellectual would say: No. And then I do – it’s a quantum connection over time.

A small handful of a desperate Jewish nation wanted to believe in a new, more morally advanced religion, the so-called “more scientific” idea of ​​God (“God” is not a person, but everything— “I am who I am” – “I will be who will be.” – JHV- …) – he wanted to, he had to save himself,

and this desire, through quantum connections, was projected into the future, into a worldwide spiritual movement, the moral state of Judaism, Christianity and Muslimism – which (that is, the consciousness of all Judaists, Christians, Muslims, that is, billions of future monotheists, adherents of the new moral level) retroactively, with enormous force, he forced a seemingly “miraculous” rescue of a handful of desperate Jewish nations.

If it was a “divine miracle,” it was through quantum interconnected laws of nature.

Many theoretical physicists have recently admitted the idea that, in fact, free will, choice, does not even exist, is just a thought chimera.

Mozart, for example, probably had extremely strong sexual instincts, yet he probably had a single mistress, his wife Constance (who deceived him a lot), and all his energy was aroused by extremely strenuous compositional activity).

Or Beethoven was consistently rejected by potential wives (perhaps when he was contemptuously rejected by the beloved countess, in a fit of fury and ironic despair, he composed his c minor sonata Op. 13 (called “Pathetic”). And when the “Immortal Mistress” finally came by Bernard Rose) – a huge storm made it impossible to get married – wasn’t the storm caused by a quantum connection over time?

The lives of other creators could be objected to, such as the life of Bach (apparently an exceptionally sexual one with very strong Christian principles) – but for him, and at that time still, his wife was not an intellectual partner, but a kind of domestic “maid” and mistress time the husband became sexually – and in keeping with Christian principles – aroused so that he could then engage in artistic creation.

Nikola Tesla – probably, together with I. Newton, the greatest scientific and technical genius of all time, the “modern Prometheus” – may have probably never had partners, mistresses (similar to the novel character Adrian Leverkuhn). Perhaps it caused a quantum connection (which Tesla probably began to suspect together with the holographic model of the universe)

But this link also has a scary side:

There is a terrible idea: Since 1945-48, the world is safer, but still a little fairer (global wars and Holocaust are almost blessed), there is an international tribunal, the UN, NATO, the EU, and so on.

But don’t we owe it to the horrors between 1938-45, or even worse – did today’s “better” world force through the quantum connections between the horrors of war and the Holocaust ???

Or else: Many theoretical physicists claim that Newton was probably (along with Nikola Tesla) the greatest theoretical scientist-physicist. But Izak Newton himself claims that everything is due to the fact that he had to take refuge in the countryside due to the rage of the plague, and only then did he have full time to devote to his theories. What if the whole plague came into being – quantum interconnected – just so that, for example, the first integral and differential equations could arise – as the foundations of all modern science?

What if 65 million years ago a 10-kilometer asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula just to destroy everything and survive

only poor little mice (then Purgatoriums), from which all mammals later evolved, and especially in direct relation to the ancestors, the ancestors of homo-sapiens-sapiens. ???

The whole Old Testament is full of various prophecies (including Jesus of Nazareth) – as if governed by a magnificent quantum connection over time

God does not work miracles, because the “god” is not a person, but an ID (intelligent designer), that is, an intelligent, purposeful multiverse with the gradual emergence of all natural-cosmic, multiverse laws – and cannot break them by any supernatural “miracles”, because everything would collapsed into chaos, nothingness (among the cosmic nothingness-khaotic “spheres” – see the movie “Event horizon”)

The whole Old Testament is full of various prophecies (including Jesus of Nazareth) – as if governed by a magnificent quantum connection over time, which seems to us so-called super natural, it is essentially natural-lawful, but which we do not yet know (the third law of A.C.Clarc – “very advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”) – the whole qunat physics is almost supernatural (Al-Khalili). Could large ecolution (even multiverse) be explained by quantum interconnection over time? For example, some highly sophisticated biological mechanisms, including DNA-RNA and the whole living cell? For example, that the need, from real biological creatures, the possibility of a whip through quantum waves was projected into a non-existent future, and this in turn projected the development, the origin of the whip, in the form of quantum waves (see Peter Garyayev). Or did the multiersal requirements for the formation of primary DNA-RNA mutually projected over time? How does it all relate to my whole life? It is said (although the latest theoretical scientists-physicists question it) that everyone has a different crossroads of destiny, as well as different choices (between the wrong and the good way), and as if he controlled his own destiny. I don’t know if this is true for some other people – I think it’s just a lucky exception – but it’s absolutely absent from me. My whole life seems to have been predestined. I never had any choice that I could ruin, that is, not take a good chance. I didn’t bet anything on one card, – in the sense that it would either come true or not. Everything I have achieved – in terms of extraordinarily extensive artistic work – I do not owe anything to myself, all the hard work seems to have been gradually predetermined in advance, as well as a firm will overcome my innate laziness (Mozart said of himself that he is very lazy by nature). , after which he incorporated to death), planned out of nowhere – I gradually fell into everything, like “Pilate to Credo”. So I can’t be a little proud, proud of myself – nothing, I don’t owe myself anything, just hard work. My work for the huge opening is only, and only, and nothing more, my extremely hard work and ants of effort – with great humility, to which I seemed to be called “fate”? or quantum connection over time (?). In more detail: Since about 1979-87, my artistic activity has gradually intensified and become more effective. And everything that could slow down, deviate from the predetermined path, the road – is already eliminated in advance: a / Friendly-social groups, including friends of artistic experts with whom I could lead long theoretical-philosophical, but time-consuming, debates (if I still had such friends, they were extremely time-consuming), b / various criminal-mafia-fraudulent groups, which have recently been frequented mainly by pensioners, c / women, girlfriends, girls, mistresses, including prostitutes, d / orders with the possibility of some success (even the smallest) – if something went wrong (sometimes with the hope of great success and additional consequences), then it was – almost super naturally recruited recently, from vis-major objective has been amended, repealed, e / objective opportunities for the general public, and in particular for many large professional communities, to be able to know the results of my artistic work – and subsequently to respond to my professional career – artistic. f / I have never had the opportunity to improve my – life-long – unhappy financial situation in order to reach at least the level of tolerable poverty (in Hungarian: “Tisztességes szegénység” – social poverty in the world). It could be argued that everything is the other way around (use Occam’s razor or Popper’s falsification, if necessary): I am so impossible, trulle, incompetent, unwanted (stupid, ugly …), without any talent … and still that it is the cause of the mysterious facts mentioned above. Namely, I probably have no talent for artistic (and also theoretical) work, the results of my work is completely worthless. But these objections would apply if there were almost the above-mentioned constellations around me – spatially-physically in close proximity as well as social-contact – perhaps in the provable proximity – but this was almost never the case: There were almost never potential friends around me, professional personalities from artistic creation, (if so, absolutely busy in time) there have never been any potentially diverse criminal groups around me, contacts – which could potentially address me, contact me, lately no pitfalls – as for a pensioner – with potential fraud, there have almost never been many women around me, girls, with potential opportunities for flirting, including prostitute-bitches, – that is, they would not want to flirt with me, for example, but I have almost never been in a constellation in which a person of the opposite sex would like to or she didn’t want to flirt with me. Words are almost never so fundamental that, for example, I have never, through all sorts of flirty, gained the ability to distinguish when a person is easy prey for sex and which is not – who is interested in me as a male and only as a friend, I have never had professional contacts with potential possibilities of orders from artistic creation, – if something is still done

it was impossible to force major for unexpected reasons,

I have never had objective opportunities to make my artistic work visible and to become known to the general – and especially professional – public (as I will say: When I get on the Internet in recent years – not to mention that the set youtube program constantly cancels my accounts, probably probably because of my videos, where I’m constantly revealing the truth about Pearl-harbor, Kennedy, Tesla,, AREA51, HAARP, September 11, 2001. Lubitz, etc. – so there are already 30 trillion videos, several tens of thousands a day and the youtube program favors well-known bloggers, youtubers, accounts with thousands of subscribers, videos tied to highly watched events, etc., etc., so that I probably have no chance for individual video watchers to get higher, from five thousand, ten thousandth place),

I have never had the opportunity to improve my unhappy financial situation at least a little and to at least reach the level of ’tisztességes szegénység’ (socially tolerable poverty). All my life I struggled for almost bare survival (if there was a short exception, it would be absurdly vismajor canceled).

They are – around me – a kind of protective circles that “drive away” from me everything that could derail me from a given path (given a “fateful”, i.e. quantum-temporally connected, predestined – my initial consciousness and later intense creative activity) with.

“Circles” – which will prevent the socio-spatial closeness of professional and non-professional potential friends,

fraudsters, criminals, – so that I do not become a victim or member of any mafia in any case,

potential opportunities to get flirty with the opposite sex, girlfriends, mistresses, prostitutes, whores, etc., far from the extent that is typical of 99.999% of ordinary people,

A “circle” of possibilities or impossibilities of reaching the consciousness of the general public, the possibility of obtaining a positive or negative reaction of the professional public,

A “circle” that made it impossible to get to at least a slightly better financial level, more specifically a “circle” that kept far from me all the opportunities to earn a little financially.

At times, it looks like a supernature state (but quantum physics almost borders on super-naturalness).

This is a very important connection:

“United Failure” – between the financial situation and the possibilities of relationships with the opposite sex:

How does it relate?

My artistic work is extremely diverse, controversial and energetic – but this is supposed to be the premise that my “snake power” (responsible for sexuality, but also for creative power) should also be extremely strong. Oriental thinkers constantly emphasize that it is of the utmost importance that very strong serpentine energy not be aroused in uncontrollable sexual activity (whether it would inevitably lead to the destruction of the person concerned), but in magnificent creative activity – whether public benefit, scientific or artistic work.

Namely, if the “snake force” (sexuality) was so strong for me (one of my former classmates once said that the strongest force in me was an aggressive sexual instinct, and he was to some extent right), then my art work would be toothless, non-greasy, unsalted. , “Nemala by guľe„ (ízetlen, savatlan, borsatlan fogatlan, töketlen …).

But on the other hand, if I had at least a slightly better lifelong financial situation, then my “snake energy” would rage in boundless sexual relationships, even orgies. And the artwork would be there … down the drain … All my life I’ve been in such a financial situation that I could afford any sexual relationships (even paid – even under socialism it was possible).

But the very fact that for almost 60 years I have never had the opportunity to reach at least the level of tolerable, social poverty – this fact in itself gives the impression of super naturalness, but it probably belongs to quantum physics.

The life of the genius of Tolstoy could be objected to:

I talked to a Moscow professor, a biographer of Tolstoy (he was teaching at PF in Nitra at the time) – and he claimed that while he was writing his major works, he was almost absent – otherwise extremely rich, sexual life (according to him, he had occasional relationships until death young, adolescent peasants and prostitutes, even though he was over 80 years old – Wagner and Janáček were in a similar situation, but Thomas Jefferson (I have confirmed this from their biographers).

  • It could be argued (based on occam razor and popper falsification) that for about 60 years no girl, woman, prostitute, bitch, suck has wanted me – but the fact that I had at least average flirtation, sex with a prostitute, etc. (I note that I only had sex with two wives, with the first about 23 times with the second about 33 times). More precisely: I have almost never been in such an objective constellation, where there could be some flirtation with the opposite sex. If, after all, yes, the person in question has just been assigned (with her husband). And there is another mysterious circumstance: Yet there were 2 short periods when apparently several women, girls were interested in me: But it was during my two marriages (1972-73 and 1986-88) – but nothing in between (197

5-85 and after 1989 …)

It wasn’t like that – it’s even almost absurd and supernatural: I’ve never seen prostitutes in my life waiting for customers to address them. Never – not even during university studies in Budapest (for example, on Rákoczi Square and next to hotels where I regularly went for quality coffee, and where it was said to be crowded with prostitutes), or never at gas stations (where it should be crowded with chicken coops) ), – even when in 2015 I wanted to order light women more than once through taxi drivers, – thank God I found out in time that taxi drivers only want to pluck me. The character in Veľký Krtíš, when I paid for 2 gypsies for sex in threes in advance (they were done by Jefferson, Tolstoy, Wagner and Janáček), they just snatched me and for various and other reasons nothing happened. It is already a super natural phenomenon – but according to top quantum physicists, q. Physics is in itself an almost supernatural phenomenon. But it was as if a “fateful” quantum connection over time had begun to work before I was born. For both grandparents, it was almost zero for a marriage to take place between them. It was even stronger for my mother and father: They laughed at each other, called each other an idiot, and so on. And it is utterly frightening how their marriage took place: The father, as the savior of the persecuted Jews (Rimavskosobotský “Shindler”), had to hide from the Nyilas terror during November 10-10, 1944 in a family home with the president of the county court – both worked in the county court but his father was a staunch communist and his future father – in – law a staunch conservative, a Calvinist. The father was a free-thinker, an intellectual, the future wife a spoiled, hysterical girl from a “classy” family = a cat and a dog. In December, a bomb fell nearby, killing several people, and the future mother was so frightened that she threw herself into the arms of her future father, and in a few minutes they began to kiss passionately, soon sex and marriage (still during the fighting and bombing). I’m a child of war and death after the bombing – if it’s not a “fateful” quantum connection over time, then I don’t know what? And another pikaška: When the father received the announcement, around half past three on January 22, 1946. that his son was born and fled to the hospital, the first stars Sirius, Rigel, Betelgeuse, and Alnitak -, Alnilam – and Mintaka began to come out, as if he felt the voice and desire that who was born now would be like Beethoven. I note that long before that my father longed to have a brilliant son, and from the beginning he raised me in this spirit (Method ala Leopold Mozart and Polgár László). In this respect, the quantum connection probably also worked. Next: In 1960, on the first of April (what an irony), I was accepted to the Prague Conservatory and the composition department. But between April and September, this separation was abolished. In the short term, it looked like a handicap. But from a longer 40-50 year perspective, it is just the opposite, as a beneficial breakthrough. Although I was left without any compositional guidance, no period followed, to which I did not subscribe, and I constantly began to create as self-taught (Dvořák, Mussorgsky, Schoenberg, Ives …) only between 1979-87. But if I started to officially “create” in the composition department at that time, I would become a dozen “avant-garde” composers of 60 years, or a goose-normalization author. I would never reach the current poly-system, poly-personality style, multi-cultural ” World Music ”. And 2 more almost incomprehensible interventions in my life: In 1972 he had a colleague (no longer poor) Eva Streková (at that time I was in a hectic way – ala David Lynch – engaged to my first wife) – with whom we were as if created for ourselves, brother and sister. The joke was that Eva had an affair with her own, 30-year-old uncle, Karol Krčméry (from the famous Krčméri family), a UN employee who did not switch to Czechoslovak politics in 1948, blocked the place (practically no robot, but he was probably also a secret member of the CIA), had a monthly salary of cc.12 / 5 thousand dollars, and waited for retirement about 9/5 thousand dollars.They met between 1967-72 times a year. Our authorities would also trap her in the USA, but she would have to see her for Karolka. But that would require Karolko to leave the United Nations and become a councilor of the United States. But he told Eve that we did not understand me in the Czechoslovak Republic that what was the difference, whether someone had 12 thousand a month or only “poor” 9 thousand and a pension 9 thousand, or “desperately little” only 7 thousand.

Everyone laughed at her, and they regretted how vulgar she was. Since 1972, she has not been released from the Iron Curtain. In 1976, I proposed to her a marriage (several times we were on longer trips, but I accepted her feelings for Karolka, so that there was no sex or beating – we slept in one room!), But she admitted that we could be ideal couples, but she is waiting for her Karolka, although for how long it will take.Pikoška – rá

z Jan Čarnogurský praised Karol Krčméry as an important UN employee. Summary: If there had been a marriage then (at that time I still had a compositional period that I am not reporting to), we would both be very happy, but my artistic-creative endeavor would take an undesirable direction, or neither. It is “fate”. quantum connection over time?

Second story: Over the years, I worked as a teacher at the Žilina Conservatory, and it looked very promising. I had – in addition to many – in the collaborative work (which they picked up extremely positively for me) also one bastard double bass player, who played on ships all year, we could never meet. 2 weeks before the official school-leaving examinations, he recalled (corrupt) earlier school-leaving examinations that I did not know about – they did not announce it on the wall until I was outside Žilina. The director (he was called a little geštapák) became so enraged – as he received party control – that he practically suspended me. It looked like a nonsensical blow, but in the long run it was fatally-quantum necessary and predestined – only in my hometown, RS my creature or robot could fully develop – without disturbing influences from Blava – in complete isolation

Many would argue that I did not seize my life opportunities, I took my options.

And that man cannot be a fatalist, he must take his destiny into his own hands,

But I never had a choice, a choice – respectively, I did not have such possibilities, opportunities that I could use or spoil. I didn’t even have the opportunity to create such opportunities for myself. All other alternatives would be violent, they would ruin my life (perhaps they would temporarily make me a temporary career ala Kočner, Russia) – and especially I would never reach today’s stage, where artistically and otherwise, my work reaches unprecedented heights and dimensions.

When I mentioned above the event that in 1960 the position department was abolished in Prague, which in the short term was a fiasco for me, but in the long run not only seemed beneficial, but without this fact I would not be there as I am now. Well, I have had many such controversial events, but there is no space and time for this.


Everything was directed to “destiny” (quant. Connected through time) in order to reach today’s heights in creation.

But we have to look at everything differently: If my work in the last 30-40 years is completely worthless – I must also admit this alternative (although I have the opportunity to prove it one way or another, for and against – history is full such examples, Bach, Van Gogh, Cezane, Gaugougen, Csontváry, …). But otherwise my whole life and everything would be absurd.

Martin Burlas (and supporters “out of it”) would say that this is exactly the case: Mr. Ličko you have no certainty at all that your work is extraordinary, and if so, everything is already out, in the past, hopelessly outdated, and transcend today, and so your whole life is meaningless, absurd, aimless, which just proves the absurdity of today’s – and all – world.

But they are existentialist nihilists like Martin Burlas and “Out of it.”


A multiverse, embracing all the loves of infinity – with infinite, that is, omnipotent possibilities with intelligently creating evolution-

Which includes all the love of all creatures and protects all entities everywhere

And it helps us to get rid of all senseless envy, anger and pride,

And it allows all of us creatures to build the “OMEGA” state together across the multiversion.

Used music from my workshop: “music

mystery N1, N2, etc. – which are used

also in the opera-melodrama, Jmmanuelle-Jesua

(Jesus of Nazareth – as extraterial



When I’m worried that I’ll be in contact with a professional producer or the other sex in the near future – which will probably mean that I will soon stop creating and I will probably die soon

I have never been and will never be or another laureate. I have a hard time surviving the heat.
But my mission as a composer and artistic-philosophical artist is constantly fulfilling me uncompromisingly.