Disappeared in computer -sdci-fi teanger horror internet serie SII.E1

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in the computer

Fantasie sci-fi serie.

Actors:/Participants in real-life hills ,the reality is shouo on an island in the Pacific/

John-17 years old – /student of theoretical physics at Yale University – was prematurely accepted/

Juan – 17 years old – /a student from China’s Economic Informatics at Harvard University – was prematurely accepted/

Vanesa – 16 years old – a student of the art musical high school in L.A.

Salema – lesbian, has paranormal abilities, and is a secret member of the “witches” association.

3 sisters from Kansas – 12,13,14 years old

Julia – 18 years old – graduate of the middle school hotel.

Yenifer – 11 years old

Jin-ho – 19 years old – a student from South Korea

Bill – a boy from texas.

Yessica – a model from Sweden

Siblings from France – 18 and 15 years old

a student from the UK – 20 years old

students from Brazil