Abraham-forefather opera in 3 act – act 3

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(Used short paraphrases from opera “Moses and Aron” – by A. Schoenberg)

Theshort content of the 9thopera: “The Forefather Abraham”.(Note:This is the third part of the mini trilogy – Tsar Nicolaus II.,Ludwig XVI and The Forefather Abraham.)Thealien entities tell Peter and Eve that the stone where the fallen,previously angel entity is hidden, is originally from the times ofthe forefather Abraham, that is circa eight thousand years beforeChrist. In that age the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea were dividedby the slim stripe of Earth, where high on thehill between twostormy seas was the house of Abraham. (Note: A predominant part ofthe libretto takingpart in the times of Abraham is written in the socalled “biblically-apocryphal” language, but just in theHungarian language)Oneday before lunch Abraham notices huge shinny circles on the sky ofthe size of a city, from which differently coloured rays are fallingdown. Suddenly the voice echoes which tells Abraham that theJude-Israelic nation needs to spread the truth about one, invisibleand unspoken God, and spread the higher morally-ethical principlesaround the world. Abraham happily announces that to his wife Sara,when the shinny circles appear in the sky again. He also announcesthat to the people gathered. (Note: The story points out that inspite of the biblically-apocryphal language those signs in the skyand also the visits of the lighting beings are the revelations fromthe highly evolved alien civilizations, which are nearly at the levelof the spiritually-energetic angel beings, and who are also kind ofthe messengers of God ́s universally principles.)Inthe other parts the action carries on and Abraham is visited by thelighting angel beings several times. He is also visited by the evilspirit in a form of the false God, the “fallen angel” whopersuades him to kill his son. In the last moment the light beingintervenes and tells Abraham that it wasn ́t God ́s will butthe willof the evil spirit who wanted to mock God this way: “Look what asubmissive pathetic puppets did you create as your reflection”.This evil spirit also starts to influence different spiritualleaders, bearers of the monotheism. Monotheism gradually spreadsaround in the surrounding countries by the leadership of thedifferent leaders, from who several are under the influence of theevil entity. Because ofthat Abraham curses them, and for a thousandof years there will be a terrible misunderstanding betweenthefollowers of the monotheism. He falls in coma but the light beingbrings him alive again. Abraham found out the principle of the evilspirit and with the help of a light being he captures him into aspecial stone. In the end Abraham peacefully dies.Peterand Eve return to the present. The extraterrestrial entities announcethem that they know the origin of the stone. With the help of thehighly evolved spiritual technology they capture the evil spirit intothe stone again. In the end the legation directly from Abraham comesover the centuries, where he challenges the followers of themonotheism to reunite Judaism, Christianity and Islam, that thebright erafor the mankind could come. Then the hymn of love playsand the God ́s light shines.